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County Extension Director

Photo of Amy-Lynn Albertson, NC Cooperative Extension

Amy-Lynn Albertson

County Extension Director, Agriculture-Horticulture
(704) 216-8970

Administration, Ornamental Horticulture, Forestry, Master Gardener Coordinator, Pesticide Coordinator

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Morgan Watts

Assistant Extension Agent, Agriculture - Livestock, Row Crops
(704) 216-8970

Family and Consumer Sciences

Photo of Judy D'Eredita, NC Cooperative Extension

Judy D'Eredita

Extension Associate, EFNEP
(704) 216-8970

Responsible for EFNEP programs in the South Central district (Mecklenburg, Gaston, Union, Scotland, Cabarrus, and Harnett Counties).

Photo of Toi Degree, NC Cooperative Extension

Toi Degree

Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Sciences
(704) 216-8970

Food & Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Food safety, Food Presevation & Extension & Community Association (ECA) Liaison Agent.

Local Foods

Photo of Danelle Cutting, NC Cooperative Extension

Danelle Cutting

Extension Agent, Agriculture - Horticulture and Local Food

Local Food, Horticulture and Extension Master Gardener Program.


Photo of Melva Menius, NC Cooperative Extension

Melva Menius

County Extension Administrative Assistant
(704) 216-8970x8982

Assist Director and 4-H.

Brooke Peeler

County Extension Secretary
(704) 216-8970

Part time employee - available from 10-2 M-F


Matthew McClellan

Extension Agent, 4-H Youth Development
(704) 216-8970

Area Specialized Agents

These agents specialize in specific areas of agriculture and natural resource management and serve many counties. While their knowledge and expertise is available to residents of Rowan County, they may not be present in the Rowan County Center. Please contact the Rowan County Center for assistance and initial consultation.

Photo of Marti Day, NC Cooperative Extension

Marti Day

Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture - DairyServes 25 CountiesBased in Chatham County
(919) 542-8202

Responsible for educational programs for dairy farmers, youth with an interest in dairy projects and the general public with an interest in dairy foods and the dairy industry.

Photo of Richard Goforth, NC Cooperative Extension

Richard Goforth

Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture - PoultryServes 33 CountiesBased in Union County
(704) 216-8970
Photo of Stacey Jones, NC Cooperative Extension

Stacey Jones

Area Specialized Agent - Nursery and GreenhouseServes 29 CountiesBased in Cabarrus County
(704) 216-8970
Photo of Craig Mauney, NC Cooperative Extension

Craig Mauney

Extension Area Specialized Agent, Agriculture - Commercial Vegetables & FruitsServes 39 CountiesBased in Henderson County
(828) 684-3562x129

Provides educational opportunities, training and technical support to commercial fruit and vegetable growers, agents, and industry in Western NC.