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Furr Attends 5th Annual NCACC Youth Summit

Micah Furr, 4-H member from Rowan County, attended the fifth annual North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Youth Summit, which was held in Asheville, North Carolina August 15-16, 2014. North Carolina 4-H MORE »

Rowan Delegation attends Annual 4-H Electric Congress

A delegation from Rowan County attended the 67th annual 4-H Electric Congress held July 14-16 at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. Two hundred 4‑H’ers, adult leaders, and N.C. Cooperative Extension staff from MORE »

Agriculture Newsletters: March 2014-August 2014

Below are links to our most recent agricultural newsletters. Please read for some great information! 14 March Ag Newsletter 14 April Ag Newsletter 14 May Ag Newsletter 14 June Ag Newsletter 14 August MORE »

Mulberry with Popcorn disease

Disease and Plant Problems

Disease and Plant Problems Disease and plant problems have started to arise due to recent rain, storms, and humidity. Our office has been hammered with these questions and a few unusual plant identification MORE »

4-H Lamb Project

4-H Lamb Project Rowan County Cooperative Extension is providing an opportunity for youth interested in completing a 4-H lamb project.  This project is open to youth ages 5-18 as of January 1.  Youth MORE »

Voles teeth marks in the shrubs roots

Disease & Pest Problems

Disease & Pest Problems Spring has sprung out of the gate and for the most part it has been a pretty decent season, until this week. This week our office has been under MORE »

A farmer growing lettuce in a raised bed under a hightunnel


Gardening Gardening is a great past time, and many people just love to play in the soil. Because of hectic schedules or limited property, I receive many questions on gardening in small spaces. MORE »

Danelle Cutting, holding up a Hmong Cucumber, grown to perfection (it is a larger cucumber with a citrus/sweet flavor).

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden People love the idea of having a vegetable garden. It can save money, they will have fresh produce, and they can freeze or can as much as they would like. All MORE »

Spring leaves arriving on the Muscadine vine that survived the frosts


Spring April has had some crazy weather, and it is the time when people go outdoors to plant their summer gardens. With the weather and spring, the Cooperative Extension office has received numerous MORE »

Showing the spacing between trees


Fruits As most of you know I am very fascinated with tree fruits and I am very excited to announce that our office will soon have a small fruit orchard. This summer our MORE »

4-H & Schools: A Natural Partnership

4-H School Enrichment Programs provide the opportunity for 4-H and local schools (public, private and homeschool) to team up to offer classroom enrichment programs.  The Rowan County 4-H Extension Agent provides educational materials, MORE »

4-H Volunteers Make a World of Difference

Volunteers are the backbone for NC Cooperative Extension programming, especially the 4-H program. 4-H, the youth component of NC Cooperative Extension, provides youth ages five to eighteen with exciting and educational experiences through MORE »

Bull Test Consignments

Attached is the information that was sent out to potential consignors for the 2014-2015 Bull Tests at Butner and Waynesville. It consists of the rules and regulations for the upcoming year, nomination form, MORE »

4-H Q & A

4-H is the youth development program of Cooperative Extension that strives to help youth develop leadership, citizenship, and life skills. Even though it has been around for over 100 years, many people are MORE »

Mechanical pruner

Growing Fruits

Growing Fruits Growing fruits can be very rewarding if they are cared for properly. If fruit trees, shrubs, or vines are neglected it can be hard to get the plants and trees in MORE »

A Bradford Pear that was damaged in a storm

Know what you are Planting

Know what you are Planting Spring can be a great time of the year to start your gardening, but it is very important to know what you are planting before you start. Below MORE »

A farmer growing lettuce in a raised bed under a hightunnel

Methods for Gardening

Methods for Gardening Gardening is a great past time, and many people just love to play in the soil. Because of hectic schedules or limited property, I receive many questions on gardening in MORE »

A mixture of lettuces being grown and ready for harvest


Spring Spring is in full swing and with that starts the questions of farmers’ markets, gardening, and the general outdoors. Being a local food agent, I am privy to all of those details. MORE »

Mountain orchard


Farming Farming is one of the best jobs a person can have; it is also one of the most difficult, demanding, and least thanked professions. Farming used to be the top occupation in MORE »