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NC Cooperative Extension Service_Conference Listening Session_11-6-13

NC Cooperative
Extension Service Announces Strategic Plan

The Cooperative Extension Service at NC State outlines its vision for restructuring over the next 22 months by targeting its strengths and improving access to services across the state.

NC Cooperative Extension Service_Conference Listening Session_11-6-13

NC Cooperative
Extension Service Announces Strategic Plan

The Cooperative Extension Service at NC State outlines its vision for restructuring over the next 22 months by targeting its strengths and improving access to services across the state.

Munsell color book being used to determine the hue, value and chroma of a soil.

Soil 101: Introduction
to Soil – Online!

Understanding soil is a basic skill needed by anyone interested in agriculture, environmental science, gardening, natural resource management, and water quality. Traditionally, to gain that skill, a person has had to pay college tuition and spend long hours in a classroom. Now, with the power of the internet at your fingertips, the NC Cooperative Extension Service is bringing a first class Introduction to Soil education to your office, dining room table, or local coffee shop. Learn more about this open online course at http://go.ncsu.edu/introduction-to-soil

NC Cooperative Extension Service

Crop and Animal

Most ethnic holidays change from year to year (even Christian Easter) with the exception of Christmas. This article describes what various ethnic groups like to buy for their holiday festivities; at the end, I have included a table with the various holidays from 2014 until 2018. Ethnic Holidays 2014-2018 -       Foot scald typically happens in grazing animals and is typically associated with spring dew and wet conditions. Foot Scald -       Coccidia will affect kids when stressed, and weaning is a stressful period. ANS 09-616MG Coccidiosis -     Do  not to wait until 6, 10, or more animals die to call extension for help or to bring a dead animal in for necropsy. I still occasionally receive such calls, which really is a pity. ANS 06-613MG Herd Animal Death Problems/ANS 09 614MG Enterotoxemia


Rowan County

Rowan County Center gives our county's residents easy access to the resources and expertise of NC State University and NC A&T State University.


2014 Market Chef

Do you enjoy “heated” competition? Are you brave in the kitchen? Do you have cooking skills? Can you create gourmet dishes in a pinch? If so, the Market Chef Competition is for you! This market season, the Rowan-Salisbury Farmers’ Market will host its first ever cooking competition. There will be three days of competition. At the end of the competition, the winner will be crowned, “The Best Market Chef”. The first round will be held July 19 with four competitors. The winner will continue on to the next round, competing against a new set of challengers.   There will be twists and turns at every competition. Chefs will handle local mystery ingredients, time/money limitations, and new judges with each round. This competition will be similar to Food Television’s popular shows, “Cut Throat Kitchen”, “Iron Chef”, and “Chopped”. Contestants need to bring their “A-Game” if they wish to make the final round! Seasonal ingredients from the Farmers’ Market will be the contestants’ muse. Each ingredient provided has to be used in the dishes that the chefs create. Failure to do this will cause them to be “sliced”. Presentation is important! The contestants can also have an assistant of their choosing. They must bring their own knives, spices, oil, unopened pantry items, pots, pans, etc. Pots and pans will have to be brought to the Cooperative Extension office on the Monday before the competition to be washed and sanitized. To compete, contestants must fill out the application and deliver to the Cooperative Extension office at 2727-A Old Concord Rd., Salisbury, NC 28146. There is a $10.00 fee for contestants. Because of limited space, fees will be collected after the contestants are selected (contestants are selected on a first come first served basis). Applications are due no later than Friday, July 11th. The dates to compete are July 19, August 9, and September 6. The competition will be held at 10 am at the Rowan-Salisbury Farmers’ Market, 115 S. Jackson St., Salisbury. So, if you feel that you have what it takes to be the first Rowan-Salisbury Farmers’ Market, “Market Chef”, bring it on! Online applications for the competition can be found here: 2014 Market Chef Application, or the Rowan-Salisbury Farmers’ Market website: http://www.salisburyfarmersmarket.com. Hard copies  will be available at Rowan County Extension office (2727 Old Concord Rd., Salisbury) and Rowan-Salisbury Farmers’ Market. For more information on the competition, please contact Danelle Cutting or Toi Degree at 704-216-8970.

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Direct Marketing Meats: September 16th, 12pm EST popular

Tuesday, September 16 at 11:00 am CDT Link: https://connect.extension.iastate.edu/womeninag/ Are you new to direct marketing meats? Not sure how to fill out a cut sheet or what questions to ask your butcher?  During this webinar, we'll MORE » – from   NC Choices

Treating Loopers in Soybeans popular

Looper numbers have really picked up this week in soybeans.  Loopers are migratory pests that sometimes show up late season and eat leaves, but not pods or seeds.  Remember that the threshold for MORE » – from   Soybeans

Pastured Egg Production Field Day popular

North Carolina State University and North Carolina Cooperative Extension will conduct a Pastured Egg Production Field Day from 8:00 am-3:00 pm on Wednesday, September 24 at the Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS) in Goldsboro, NC. Topics: MORE » – from   Growing Small Farms

Furr Attends 5th Annual NCACC Youth Summit

Micah Furr, 4-H member from Rowan County, attended the fifth annual North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC) Youth Summit, which was held in Asheville, North Carolina August 15-16, 2014. North Carolina 4-H MORE »

Rowan Delegation attends Annual 4-H Electric Congress popular

A delegation from Rowan County attended the 67th annual 4-H Electric Congress held July 14-16 at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. Two hundred 4‑H’ers, adult leaders, and N.C. Cooperative Extension staff from MORE »

Pawpaw Orchard Show & Tell popular

Chatham County Cooperative Extension has organized a Pawpaw Orchard Show & Tell for Monday, September 8, 2014 at Full of Life Farms outside of Pittsboro. We will visit grower Wynn Dinnsen’s orchard where he grows over MORE » – from   Growing Small Farms

Rowan County Fair Entry Forms popular

Rowan County Fair Entry Forms We are having some technical difficulties with our fax machine. If you have faxed a Rowan County Fair entry form, please contact our office at MORE »

Agriculture Newsletters: March 2014-August 2014

Below are links to our most recent agricultural newsletters. Please read for some great information! 14 March Ag Newsletter 14 April Ag Newsletter 14 May Ag Newsletter 14 June Ag Newsletter 14 August MORE »

Mulberry with Popcorn disease

Disease and Plant Problems

Disease and Plant Problems Disease and plant problems have started to arise due to recent rain, storms, and humidity. Our office has been hammered with these questions and a few unusual plant identification MORE »

4-H Lamb Project

4-H Lamb Project Rowan County Cooperative Extension is providing an opportunity for youth interested in completing a 4-H lamb project.  This project is open to youth ages 5-18 as of January 1.  Youth MORE »

Voles teeth marks in the shrubs roots

Disease & Pest Problems

Disease & Pest Problems Spring has sprung out of the gate and for the most part it has been a pretty decent season, until this week. This week our office has been under MORE »


Piedmont Farm School

The Piedmont Farm School is a 7-month educational program that trains beginning and transitioning farmers with a strong commitment to operate successful small-scale, sustainable farms.  The school offers seven business-planning seminars, which will MORE » – from   Forsyth County Center

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