Rowan County Celebrates Farm-City Week

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The first Farm-City Week was declared by a joint resolution of congress in 1957 under the Eisenhower administration. This year Rowan County Board of Commissioners proclaimed November 16-20, 2020, Farm-City Week for Rowan County. While Rowan County is considered an “urban” county in North Carolina because of our population, we have a robust agricultural economy and community. Many people site the rural landscape of Rowan as one of our greatest assets. Farming and farm businesses bring more than 82 million dollars to our local economy annually in Rowan County. Our County is home to 925 farms, and almost all of them are family-owned. When you “buy local,” you really are supporting local family farms right here. During Farm-City Week, organizations across the country will recognize farmers and ranchers with educational forums, social media campaigns, and local events. Their contributions supplement the economy with jobs while providing bountiful crops to feed our population. From the crops and livestock we eat to textiles, farmers fill demand in nearly every country sector. Farmers also benefit from urban centers. Distributors, restaurants, grocers, producers, and more provide expanded utilization of the farm product. Whether they provide food, medicines, or textiles to consumers, they have an economic impact in their city and the rural communities.

How to Observe #FarmCityWeek

Be thankful for the farmers and ranchers in our country. While we consider where the food on our tables come from this Thanksgiving, think about the impact of farms on your life. No matter where we live, on the farm or in the city, a farmer touches our lives. Use #FarmCityWeek to give a shoutout to the farmers, ranchers, and agribusinesses who support them. Cooperative Extension and the Rowan County Soil and Water Conservation District have lots of fun virtual events planned for #FarmCityWeek. We will be dropping videos with footage of different farms in Rowan County throughout the season, recipes for winter squash in season now, and video greetings from NC Farm Bureau President Shawn Harding.

Check out the N.C. Cooperative Extension of Rowan County Facebook page, Instagram, website, Soil and Water Facebook page, Rowan County Government Facebook page, and website all week for fun facts and information about Rowan County Farms. Most of all, when you see a farmer say, “Thank you” and ask them about what they do. We all could use a little more gratitude and knowledge about how our food, fiber, and fuel get to us every day.